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People have begun to disappear in Japan, and nobody seems to care. Cops turn up no results, and the only one investigating is an online newspaper called the ORE Journal. When an overly ambitious intern named Shinji Kidou decides to investigate one of the missing persons cases, he finds himself in an abandoned apartment that once belonged to, what seems like, a seriously deranged man. The windows, mirrors, and any other reflective source in the apartment has been covered up. Young Kidou finds a black deck laying on the floor, and when he later uncovers a window, he is attacked by a dragon. This is only the beginning for Shinji Kidou, who is about to enter the most terrible time of his life. Kidou is helped by Yui Kanzaki, a teenage girl whose brother is among the missing. She tells him of the other world, the mirror world, the world that is only inhabited by monsters, monsters who leave that world for ours when they need to feast. Yui suspects her brother, Shirou, is somehow involved, because he had the knowledge to make the invention of "Card Decks," which allow regular humans to transform into Kamen Riders, and go into the mirror world to murder the monsters. With the black deck Kidou had found in the abandoned apartment, he makes Yui give him the ability to transform into a Kamen Rider, sworn to protect the real world from the horrible wrath of the mirror monsters. What Kidou doesn't know is that there are twelve other Kamen Riders, and they're all not as kind-hearted as he…they are selfish, sadistic, cruel, awful people, who have been given promises for their involvement, for whoever can defeat the monsters, and outlive each other. Nothing will stand in their way, but for brave, enthusiastic, naive Shinji Kidou. As Kamen Rider Ryuki, he is about to enter the mirror world, a world of death and conspiracy, and the odds are not in his favor…
The new Kamen Rider Series for 2002. The story of 2 chosen "Kamen Riders" who must fight in order to survive. But what is the point of being a Rider? "Fight! Defeat the Riders! Of the fated 13, only 1 will Survive."
Note, that this review may contain a few spoilers so I suggest you don&#39;t read this if you haven&#39;t seen the series. Back to the point, Ryuuki is perhaps the Best Rider series I have seen after Kamen Rider Black. Though I was not too keen to watch the series at first, I eventually decided on watching it.<br/><br/>And to put it simply, I was not disappointed. The Special Effects were excellent, but they still limited it. The humor wasn&#39;t as great but still enjoyable. And, one of the main reasons I enjoyed this series, was because of the lesson it gave. The lesson that no matter what, no matter how powerful, the Kamen Riders are still humans and nothing can change that.<br/><br/>It came as a surprise to see Shinji die at the end of the series, for he wasn&#39;t only a Rider BUT he was also the Main Character too! Hell, from what I heard, many people were ranting on that Shinji would be the final rider, no question about it. But, they were proved wrong when Shinji sacrificed himself to protect a girl.<br/><br/>Also, another thing which is &quot;human&quot; about the Riders is that not all of them are good. Humans have simple dreams, which often evolve into greater and at times, more destructive dreams. And given the opportunity, humans would do anything they can to make those dreams realized. Some are noble, some aren&#39;t, but that is only their decision. That&#39;s what happened to the Riders. When Shiro Kanzaki came to give 13 individuals the Card Decks, these people were willing to kill their fellow men to make their dreams realized.<br/><br/>Overall, Ryuuki is an excellent series and in my opinion it deserves a 10/10. Nothing lower!

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