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Adventures Of Young Van Helsing: The Quest For The Lost Scepter Full Movie Online Free > DOWNLOAD

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The teenaged descendant of Professor Van Helsing must fight an ancient demon named Simon Magus for control of a powerful sceptor.
As if it wasn't enough to have the troubles of everyday teen life in high school, Michael Harris has just learned that he is the last heir to Abraham Van Helsing, his great great grandfather, a relic hunter who aquired the scepter of god, a biblical artifact forged by an angel before the birth of mankind, and is now being sought after by the very being who created it!
Spoiler Alert!<br/><br/>Young Van Helsing is an Excellent film for one reason and one reason only, but you knew that already. Yes, that reason is the shining face of the smiling young man playing Preston. It&#39;s TJ Sicilia! When TJ&#39;s visage loomed onto the screen at our local drive-in, all of the teeny-boppers and bobby-soxers jumped out of their trunks and backseats to do those funky cosmic jigs of the 50&#39;s and 60&#39;s. And so will you! Once you see this film, you&#39;ll want to give TJ/Preston all of the cookies and lemonade, not just some! He&#39;s got raw, bleeding, steaming pulsating charisma and star appeal. He makes the lights in the sky separate and become liquefied, and that&#39;s a guarantee.
I notice that this movie has received a few pans. Lets give Keith Jordan a break. Looks like he is paying his dues in the industry. If you remember Arnold in Conan the Barbarian (can we say &quot;wooden&quot;?), he wasn&#39;t exactly the brightest bulb in the movie industry. He has certainly improved! Keith should at least rate a C (even if it is just for cute), and guess we have to give the professor an E for effort (call me an optimist). The idea is good, and though this movie reminds me of a college film project, perhaps they deserve a chance to improve. One does learn from doing. I really liked the music that was at the rolling of the end credits. The xylophone was reminiscent of bones, which I am sure was the intent. I bought this with my granddaughter in mind, as I think it is aimed at a young teen audience. Lets see if they improve with the next one. Give &#39;em a chance, people!

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